The TMA was formed over 120 years ago by working musicians who banded together to create fair safe work conditions with a living wage, and to create programs to help one another through the power of many.

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What You Get:

The TMA offers real benefits to musicians participating in any area of the music business. By joining the TMA you also become a member of the Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM), the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM) and after two years as a TMA member, with periodic work (at least every six months) under TMA/CFM/AFM contracts you become a member of the Musicians Pension Fund of Canada. Through this network you receive:

  • Ability to work under professional agreements that maintain minimum fees, standards and benefits
  • Legal protection, assistance and advice
  • Access to benevolent funds when you cannot work due to injury or illness and to support community performances
  • Discounts on many services, including Instrument insurance
  • Music industry contacts
  • Buyers directed to you from our searchable member database
  • Other advantages of our benefits package

If you have any questions, please contact:

Phone: 416.421.1020

Dues Structure 2024

payable by E-Transfer or Credit Card (Login required), Cash or Cheque

New Members
Initiation fee – $193.75 (includes current quarter only)                                  Thereafter, members pay $63.75.00 per quarter. Full Year $255.00.

Regular Members
Annual Dues – $255.00 | Quarterly – $63.75

Life Members
Annual Dues – $110.00 | Quarterly – $27.50

Annual Dues – $120.00 | Quarterly – $30.00

*For new members only. Must provide proof of being a full time Student. Please send documentation to
Initiation fees are waived (savings of $130.00) and not collected if moving to regular membership at a later time.

** For new members only. Must be 20 years of age or under. Initiation fees are waived (savings of $130.00) and not collected if moving to regular membership at a later time.

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