Maribeth Solomon, 2019 Musician of the Year

by Lenny Solomon

My earliest memories of my fantastically talented sister Maribeth Solomon are of her playing Mozart impeccably on the piano. She was five.

Soon, Kiwanis Awards started collecting on the table by her piano and it wasn’t long before Chopin started wafting through the house. In her high school years she developed an ear for pop music, literally playing back any tune on the radio after one hearing. She was a great hit at parties! She also played the flute brilliantly. Our dad, Stanley Solomon, former TSO principal violist, gave her early insight on what it takes to be a professional musician.

Her talent, personality and wit kicked off her career with a number of touring groups while she was also a regular host on the CBC radio show ‘ 9:15 Alarm Clock ‘ co-hosted by the late Alan Thicke. This show is where she met and later married her musical partner Micky Erbe, also a fantastically talented writer, orchestrator and musician. Their company, Mickymar Productions became well known internationally for their wonderful music for TV and Film — and of interest — the many IMAX movie scores they wrote were produced by Maribeth’s great friend, the late pioneer Toni Myers.

Also a gifted songwriter, Maribeth has been recorded by Anne Murray among others and written songs for Babar and Care Bears animated movies.

I’m fortunate to have witnessed Maribeth in action; in the writing room, business office and recording studio where I contracted for her. Maribeth’s creative energy abounds. Anyone who has met her would agree that she is a delightful force to be reckoned with.

Together, Maribeth and Micky have written and produced in a wide range of styles including many large orchestral recording sessions. Nothing makes her happier than having the opportunity to hire the hundreds of Local 149 musicians over the years as she has. (Brian Barlow, former President of the TMA has been a stalwart since the beginning, as has Brent Barkman along with many other fine players.)

Here is a small sample of some shows she has scored:

Earth: Final Conflict (Emmy Nominated, Gemini Award), Nothing Too Good For A Cowboy, Street Legal, Side Effects, Adderly, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Struggle for Democracy, E.N.G. The pair has won four Gemini awards and many other nominations. IMAX films include: Hubble 3D, Under the Sea, Space Station 3D, Blue Planet, The Dream is Alive, Destiny in Space and Imax’s first doc North of Superior.

Maribeth has just recently completed all six seasons of music and the theme for the multi-Emmy Award winning CBC Netflix TV show Schitt’s Creek. Working with Brent Barkman and Micky she’s composed music for several games as well. Maribeth has always lived in Toronto and is a passionate and outspoken member of local 149 setting a formidable example to follow — a trendsetting musician, writer/ composer, business-woman and producer. I know her husband Robert Schwartz, daughter (and fine songwriter) Leah Erbe, dog Teddy and brother, yours truly, are very proud of Maribeth for this well-deserved recognition.

The Toronto Musicians’ Association is proud to honour member Maribeth Solomon with the 2019 Musician of the Year Award. She has been a member of the Toronto Musicians’ Association since she was a teenager and we are delighted to acknowledge her musicianship and contribution to the Toronto music scene by naming Maribeth Solomon 2019 Musician of the Year.