April 24, 2020 Covid-19 Town Hall Meeting Recording

TMA149 Town Hall Meeting

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10:07:54  From Kate Unrau : “However, royalty payments received from work that took place before the period for which a person applies for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit do not count as income during that specific benefit period.”
10:08:41  From Kevin Barrett : I’m joining late.  Will that letter Michael as just walked through be available later for a more careful read?
10:09:27  From Jamie Drake : @Kevin:  that letter is on the TMA website, so it’s available to read later.
10:09:28  From Kevin Barrett : My understanding is also that Royalty Payments do NOT count. Nor does the TAC grant
10:09:39  From Kate Unrau : Under “Income Requirements” in the FAQ, the question “What counts towards the $1,000 in income I can earn?”
10:09:52  From Kate Unrau : The $1,000 includes employment and/or self-employment income. This includes among others: tips you may earn while working; non-eligible dividends; honoraria (e.g., nominal amounts paid to emergency service volunteers); and royalties (e.g., paid to artists).
However, royalty payments received from work that took place before the period for which a person applies for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit do not count as income during that specific benefit period.
Pensions, student loans and bursaries are not employment income and therefore, should not be included in the $1000.
Applications will be verified against tax records to confirm income.
10:10:38  From Kevin Barrett : The Toronto Arts Council tells you, when you get the grant notification, that it doesn’t count toward the $1000 limit.
10:14:02  From Michele Jacot : Is the income pre or post expenses?
10:15:49  From Michael McClennan : CRA site says “Pre-tax”
10:15:53  From Brandon Chui :  I have word from my accountant who said she spoke director to a CRA agent:
1. Is the $1,000 gross or net income: It is gross income.
10:15:55  From Kate Unrau : On the FAQ:
10:15:56  From Kate Unrau : Can someone qualify for CERB if they still have a small amount of income coming into their business account as a sole proprietor to pay some of their business expenses (commercial rent, utility costs, etc.) as long as they are not paying themselves any income from the business?
Yes. To be eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, you must have stopped working as a result of reasons related to COVID-19 and receive less than $1,000 in employment or self-employment income for at least 14 consecutive days within the initial four-week period for which you apply. For subsequent periods, you cannot receive more than $1,000 in employment or self-employment income for the entire four-week period.
10:22:30  From Norman Engel : Music and Sports will not likely resume in the fall according to Media reports and the Premier
10:22:49  From Jay Boehmer  To  Michael Murray(privately) : YouTube video provided by Chris Birkett is a video of him performing an original song related to Earth Day. (Recently uploaded.)
10:22:50  From Michael Murray : Maggie’s Contact mhopkins@tma149.ca
10:23:19  From Scott Harrison  To  Michael Murray(privately) : The video linked by Chris is a recording of a song [more of a ‘message’, not substantive]
10:23:46  From Chris Birkett : I was talking to Adam Vaughn last night. Apparently there is a limit to funds from the government. So I suggest that we claim a.s.a.p.
10:24:42  From bethanybergman  To  Michael Murray(privately) : Did you address earning up to 1000 but still be eligible for the whole 2000 CERB
10:25:22  From brian : More specifics about rates for streamed concerts and contracts, thanks!
10:25:28  From Ray Dillard  To  Michael Murray(privately) : no evidence
10:27:21  From Mic Dim : What about streamed Concerts for Top 40 acts or even tribute acts?
10:27:32  From Scott Harrison  To  Michael Murray(privately) : I think we lost your audio for a moment there
10:27:58  From Kate Unrau : yes
10:28:00  From Chris Birkett : Yes
10:28:03  From Norman Engel : yes
10:28:10  From Norman Engel : yes
10:29:11  From Norman Engel : sound is cutting out again
10:29:29  From Ray Dillard  To  Michael Murray(privately) : loosing your audio somewhat Michael
10:29:31  From Mic Dim : Sound is muffled and cutting out
10:29:39  From Scott Harrison  To  Michael Murray(privately) : Conifrmed – audio is sketchy
10:29:54  From Chris Birkett : Where’s the sound engineer :)
10:29:56  From Ray Dillard  To  Michael Murray(privately) : bandwidth issue I think when you screen share.
10:29:56  From Mic Dim : Cant’ understand what you’re saying
10:29:58  From Norman Engel  To  Michael Murray(privately) : sound is cutting out
10:30:03  From Kate Unrau : You’re back!
10:30:04  From Mic Dim : OK again
10:30:05  From Jamie Drake : and it’s back
10:30:08  From Ray Dillard  To  Michael Murray(privately) : better
10:30:33  From Chris Birkett : Could you post all the links on this feed ?
10:30:55  From Michael Murray  To  Ray Dillard(privately) : https://tma149.ca/
10:31:09  From Scott Harrison : https://tma149.ca
10:31:09  From Michael Murray  To  Ray Dillard(privately) : https://tma149.ca/2016-01-26-02-37-54/contracts
10:31:15  From Michael Murray : https://tma149.ca/2016-01-26-02-37-54/contracts
10:31:27  From Michael Murray : https://tma149.ca/2016-01-26-02-37-54/contracts/152-limited-pressing-small-scale-sound-recording-agreement-and-letter-of-adherence-1/file
10:31:40  From Michael Murray : https://tma149.ca/2016-01-26-02-37-54/contracts/148-05-federation-canadian-sound-recording-rates-summary-chart-2017-2019-rev-11-27-18/file
10:32:37  From Michael Murray : For full pro audio visual streaming: http://www.cfmusicians.org/uploads/file/CBC_CFM_ENG%20AGR%202019-2023%20PRINTED.pdf
10:32:45  From Kate Unrau : The CRA FAQ has literally been updated during the course of this meeting. Clarity around pre-tax/gross/net income, quoted from FAQ: “Small Business owners can receive income from their business in different ways, including as salary, business income or dividends. In determining their eligibility for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit:
Owners who take a salary from their business should consider their pre-tax salary;
Owners who rely on business income should consider their net pre-tax income (gross income less expenses);
Owners who rely on dividend income should consider this as self-employment income provided it comes from non –eligible dividends (generally, those paid out of corporate income taxed at the small business rate).”
10:33:14  From Chris Birkett : How do we save this chat feed ?
10:34:32  From Kate Unrau : I think the info you provided earlier was correct: If you draw salary, it’s pre-tax salary. If you rely on income, it’s net pre-tax income (gross less expenses).
10:34:42  From Norman Marshall Villeneuve : you can copy and paste any portion of the chat feed to a txt document
10:35:07  From Rosina Kazi : but private message are Also saved
10:35:14  From Ray Dillard  To  Michael Murray(privately) : it does look the same for us
10:35:26  From Rosina Kazi : all of it so just saying
10:35:35  From Ray Dillard  To  Michael Murray(privately) : only your private messages are saved when YOU save the Chat
10:35:37  From Rosina Kazi : Don’t talk shit basically
10:35:58  From Scott Harrison : Please let me reiterate that TMA staff is happy to help members with their contracts (be they media or other)
10:36:07  From Mic Dim : The contract link comes up N/A
10:38:10  From Ray Dillard  To  Michael Murray(privately) : IF YOU LIKE:  Please announce that the TMA is constantly analyzing our budget, updating it as appropriate, and looking forward to the situation as it changes. The Exec and Board feel we are in a solid position going forward, and our recent meetings with our accountants confirm this.
10:38:20  From Mic Dim : So who can do Live Streaming
10:39:26  From Mic Dim : If band is doing other peoples music
10:40:58  From Rosina Kazi : this may have been covered but are Facebook and Instagram paying these licenses?
10:41:17  From Rosina Kazi : They are making so much money
10:42:14  From Corey Gemmell : Does a small number of musicians, ie a small chamber group such as a duo or trio, getting together to perform and live stream constitute violating the government’s social distancing regulations?  Wouldn’t want to go against that.
10:44:39  From Norman Engel : time to play duets at 3 metres!
10:44:45  From Norman Marshall Villeneuve  To  Michael Murray(privately) : Mike, Norman Marshall Villeneuve here. I have to leave the meeting.  Maybe the TMA could send the chat to all members by email?  Just an idea.
Thanks for the opportunity to meet. Nice to see old friends.
Please stay safe. Love and peace to all. Norm
10:45:07  From Ellen Moore : Funds still available (non-music related) for parents with kids grade 7 and under in the public school system.  The previous teacher strike days will be compensated to parents at rates of $25-60/strike day, plus a $200 top-up per child.  Applications close four weeks after the agreement is signed, so time will run out. https://www.iaccess.gov.on.ca/ParentAppWeb/parentapp/index.xhtml
10:46:17  From Michael McClennan : Would an engager be allowed defer gig cancelation payments (to the fall?) so as not to mess up a performer’s CERB status?
10:46:59  From bethanybergman  To  Michael Murray(privately) : bye, have to go teach
10:47:17  From Patrick Jordan : If we live stream and the engager sells access in excess of 1,000 tickets, would that push us to a different agreement from the limited pressing rate?
10:47:54  From lodewijkvos  To  Michael Murray(privately) : Do we have to re-apply to CERB or will we get it automatically next month
10:48:12  From Ray Dillard : reapply
10:48:15  From moonwatt : you have to reapply.
10:48:18  From Ray Dillard : Each month
10:48:21  From Mic Dim : Only apply every 4 weeks
10:48:31  From Ray Dillard : and only on your specific day
10:48:36  From Ray Dillard : or Fri Sat Sun
10:48:37  From Mic Dim : reapply up to 16 weeks
10:48:42  From moonwatt : correct.  birth month.
10:48:46  From Ray Dillard : birth month
10:49:30  From Norman Engel : all the info for applying is on the My Account website through CRA
10:49:52  From brian : I’ve lost income from gigs that were booked so fit the CERB definition, but my major income is teaching university, where I pay EI; have not been able to get a clear answer as to which to apply for?
10:50:02  From Hans J F Preuss : we are in the second period already, so if you applied for the first period you should be reapplying now and then at the start of each subsequent period
10:50:07  From Chris Birkett : How much do we charge for virtual overdubs
10:50:16  From Rosina Kazi : I have to go! But thank you!
10:51:47  From Mic Dim : Everyone should know you need an account sign up at CRA to get CERB https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/e-services/cra-login-services.html
10:51:48  From chrismckhool : Is there any simple boiler plate contractual cancellation language you recommend?
10:51:58  From Scott Harrison : From member: May minors (who would have toured as part of an act) apply for CERB?
10:52:21  From Ray Dillard : If you don’t have access to your CRA account, you can apply via telephone for the CERB.
10:52:36  From Mic Dim : Oh yes Thanks
10:53:32  From brian : Re EI or CERB, you can’t get through to anyone in Gov’t. The EI application is a lot longer. Yes, my university contract ends April and I’ll still be doing some virtual teaching, and I suppose, the advantage of me applying through EI is that allows room for me to make more than 1k per month if I can swing that?
10:54:43  From Michael Murray : Written offers, including offers by email, shall be provided to musicians no later than ninety days prior to the first rehearsal for a production and shall include all proposed fees, dates and hours of engagement.  Offers shall not be rescinded unless the musician does not reply within five business days of the offer.  In the case that the musician absents themselves for an emergency and/or last minute replacement and/or change in performer due to exceptional circumstances, the offer shall be sent as soon as practical. Any replacement of a musician where the musician does not absent themselves but where Engager replaces the musician shall be compensated for two appropriate.
10:55:04  From Ray Dillard : Brian, I believe EI comes before CERB when you are in the EI system, but CERB becomes available IF you run out of your EI coverage.
10:55:05  From Michael Murray : Date of notice of cancellation = $
10:55:44  From Michael Murray : Deposit upon signing of contract and if cancelled at any time keep the deposit
10:56:06  From Mic Dim : What about Force Majeure? Seems everyone is claiming that
10:57:08  From Ray Dillard : There is also no one single Force Majeure clause!!
10:57:23  From Ray Dillard : They are each unique.
10:58:14  From brian : thanks Ray, and I believe it will be the same amount for this period anyhow (2k) unless you’re earning something; theoretically, EI could pay less even though many of us pay into it.
10:58:50  From Ray Dillard : Brian, I presume that is true. I think EI is relative to each indivi
10:58:57  From Ray Dillard : individual contract.
10:59:13  From Kate Unrau : CERB minimum age = 15
10:59:39  From Jamie Drake : As I understand it, the general CRA advice has been that if you’re not sure, you should just apply to CERB.
11:00:01  From Ray Dillard : At this time, I believe the CERB is only available for four months.
11:00:31  From Ray Dillard : Correct, but there might be MANY periods open.
11:02:41  From Ray Dillard : Thanks Michael!!!!
11:03:02  From Kate Unrau : Thanks for all your time and efforts, Michael.
11:03:05  From chrismckhool : thanks!
11:03:09  From Jamie Drake : Thanks to you Michael and all the TMA staff (and various members who’ve added great info)!
11:03:26  From brian : thanks Michael, Brian Katz
11:03:37  From laurafernandez : thank you so much for this!
11:04:05  From Chris Birkett : Good Bye everyone. Stay safe and well. Btw, the chat feed can be saved with the little 3 dot button to the write of the chat box. Chris Birkett
11:04:09  From Mic Dim : Thanks Michael! Much appreciated for everyone time input!
11:04:26  From moonwatt : thanks, Michael, & all TMA staff!  Shelley
11:04:33  From Patrick Jordan : Thanks Michael, and everyone else.
11:04:37  From Mic Dim : does saving chat save all the chat even after it’s been pressed?
11:04:58  From lbart’s iPad : thanks for the updates , Michael ,, appreciated
11:05:04  From Mic Dim : Oh that’s wonderful! Thanks!
11:05:05  From Norman Engel : thanks Michael