The Member Assistance Fund (MAF)

The Toronto Musicians’ Association Member Assistance Fund

August 28, 2013

In 2012, the Toronto Musicians’ Association Board of Directors appointed a Member Assistance Fund Committee comprised of Les Allt (Board of Directors), and myself, Réa Beaumont (Board of Directors) as Committee Chair.

The new MAF Committee has been busy revitalizing the Member Assistance Fund (MAF) and expanding its role to assist TMA members in financial need. The Member Assistance Fund was started in the early 1980’s by our member, the late Donald Pierre and his band, when they held a concert and donated the proceeds to start a fund to help TMA members.

The purpose of the Member Assistance Fund is to provide short-term aid to TMA members in good standing who are met with financial hardship as a result of long-term illness. Currently the Toronto Musicians’ Association provides “sick benefits” to eligible members in the amount of $75 per week, to a maximum of twelve weeks with approval from the Board of Directors.

The MAF Committee is pleased to announce that, after these twelve weeks have been exhausted, an additional six weeks of assistance (up to twelve weeks in special circumstances) may be approved and/or annual TMA membership dues reimbursed.

Extending the existing benefit is a significant step in the right direction to helping our members and we are now accepting applications. The MAF Committee appreciates the support it has received from the Board of Directors and wishes to thank Vice President Linda Cara and Administrative Manager Dawn Rodriquez for their time and input.

In order to maintain the Member Assistance Fund the MAF Committee will be spearheading fundraising initiatives so check back for updates as more details become available!

For additional information, please contact:
Dr. Réa Beaumont, Chair, MAF Committee

c/o Toronto Musicians’ Association
15 Gervais Drive, Suite 500
Toronto, Ontario M3C 1Y8