May 8, 2020 Covid-19 Town Hall Meeting Recording

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvCSrhjaRy4&feature=youtu.be


10:19:14  From Scott Harrison  To  Michael Murray(privately) : ya, Im here :)

10:27:22  From Dominique Laplante : that is correct number

10:39:42  From Kate Unrau : The covid special media agreement. I have concerns.

10:39:51  From user : Need to extend the CERB..We will need it.

10:39:59  From Brandon Chui : Re: CERB, do you know if one’s eligibility changes if s/he leaves the country for any given period of time?

10:40:26  From Dominique Laplante  To  Michael Murray(privately) : we didn’t receive notice of this meeting until this morning. looked through junk, trash, etc. and nothing there.

10:40:30  From Kate Unrau : The agreement is a little broken. It keeps payroll going for contracted players who have cancellations with the organization in the month following the broadcast, but it doesn’t acknowledge all the people whose work is actually on the material being broadcast. Freelance extras are getting lost in the shuffle here.

10:42:28  From Kate Unrau : Thanks, Michael.

10:42:50  From Scott Harrison : https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/benefits/apply-for-cerb-with-cra/who-apply.html

10:43:03  From Scott Harrison : “You reside in Canada and are at least 15 years old”

10:43:18  From Scott Harrison : no mention of that

10:43:25  From Brandon Chui : What if this person American?

10:44:25  From Linda cara  To  Michael Murray(privately) : April 30

10:45:03  From Dominique Laplante  To  Michael Murray(privately) : didn’t get that on April 30!

10:47:06  From Mic Dim : What about the $40,00 loan? What does that entail?

10:47:15  From Scott Harrison : https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/ei/cerb-application/questions.html#eligibility

10:47:27  From Scott Harrison : From that page: “Can you receive the CERB if you are not a citizen or permanent resident?

Yes if you meet the eligibility requirements, which includes residing in Canada and having a valid Social Insurance Number.”

10:47:32  From Kevin Barrett : Michael – you and the Board and staff continue to do a GREAT job for us.  Thank you!

10:48:46  From Michael Murray : https://www.bdc.ca/en/pages/special-support.aspx?special-initiative=covid19

10:50:01  From Mic Dim : Don’t most bands have independent contractors, so there is no payroll. most musicians are paid on a gig basis

10:51:03  From Mic Dim : musicians are paid by cheque per show, so there is no payroll. So that means no loan?

10:53:18  From Liz Johnston : Just wanted to share some info:   OCSM General Meeting  is now going to meet  May 27-29 on line, from 12:00-2:00 each day, and we are extending our invites to include PC chairs, alternate delegates as well as delegates and anyone else in the orchestra unit who is interested to observe.

10:53:35  From Liz Johnston : VP

10:54:00  From Liz Johnston : YEs

10:54:17  From Liz Johnston : That would be great

10:54:54  From Liz Johnston : We also have our regular business in August

10:55:09  From Liz Johnston : Unknown yet

10:55:15  From Liz Johnston : yes

10:55:31  From Liz Johnston : This will be more of the delegate report meeting

10:56:19  From Ellen Moore : Is there any information about the survival of our major organizations— COC, Ballet, TSO, Mirvish?  Possibility any of these large organizations will not survive?

10:56:21  From Liz Johnston : Yes we are

10:59:38  From Linda cara  To  Michael Murray(privately) : on cp24…Mirvish saying Hamilton will return its run but no date given..just saw it now

11:00:53  From Cala : Thank you Michael & the TMA.  I have to leave early.  Talk soon, stay safe, keep making noise.

11:04:18  From Mic Dim  To  Michael Murray(privately) : Please try to check out any alternative measures for most bands that are not Orchestras, but are Top 40, Tribute, etc. These bands have lost a huge amount of shows. For us example is about 150 shows per year. We can only get CERB individually even though we employ other musicians full time on a independent basis. But there is no payroll, just being paid per show by cheque, however a lot of money has been lost.

11:04:45  From Michael Murray : https://covid-19.ontario.ca/

11:05:01  From Dominique Laplante : Thanks Michael and TMA for soldiering on in our behalf!

11:05:05  From Michael Murray : https://www.ontario.ca/page/covid-19-support-people#section-4

11:05:24  From Michael Murray : https://www.connexontario.ca/

11:05:49  From Patrick Jordan : Happy to say the Tafelmusik management leadership is also doing well.

11:05:54  From Mic Dim : My many thanks to you Michael and everyone who is putting their time and effort into giving us more information.

11:08:00  From Scott Harrison : If you haven’t already, please sign the petition on https://www.savelivearts.ca

11:08:27  From Kate Unrau : Just a comment: I’d love to see online attendance like this as a continued possibility for TMA general meetings, even after COVID. Something to consider down the road… Team TMA is terrific, and it’s great to stay in contact. Thanks again.

11:08:28  From Jay Boehmer  To  Michael Murray(privately) : As well, MPTF elected to pay out 9 performances that were cancelled due to COVID-19

11:08:45  From Linda cara : As President, I would like to thank Michael and staff for the incredible amount of work they are doing for all of us during this very difficult time..thank you also to the Board..everyone has really gone above and beyond

11:09:17  From Jay Boehmer  To  Michael Murray(privately) : Free and open to the public!

11:09:21  From Mic Dim : I agree Kate Online attendance is a great way to give much needed information to many musicians to learn

11:09:27  From Dominique Laplante : ???

11:09:51  From DSW : Thanks Michael!!! Stay Healthy!!

11:10:34  From Maria Pelletier : Thanks, Michael!

11:10:52  From Liz Johnston : Thanks Michael!

11:10:58  From Lorne Grossman : thank you Michael.

11:11:02  From DSW : Where can we find previous town hall????

11:11:08  From Rea Beaumont, DMA : Thanks!!

11:11:16  From Lorne Grossman : bye