TMA149 and Building Corporation General Meetings

TMA149 and Building Corporation Annual General Meetings by Zoom

Time: May 29, 2020 11:00 AM
Meeting ID: 947 5385 6135
+1 647 374 4685 • +1 647 558 0588

There are Motions to be voted on at the meetings this Friday that have an impact on how TMA149 will operate in the near future. Two of those Motions are published on page 1 of the current Crescendo  If you anticipate that you would like to make an amendment to one of the Motions, please submit it by Thursday so that we can write it out for a vote. This does not mean that we will not consider amendments proposed at the meetings, only that we can save a lot of time by getting them in advance. There will be other Motions (not in Crescendo) presented throughout the meeting, mostly about the audited financial statements.

Some Things to Remember for our first ever online general meeting:

  1. Prior to meeting – update to the latest version of Zoom;
  2. Open ‘Participants box’ for ‘raise hand’ function;
  3. Use the “raise hand” function to move a motion and to ask for the attention of the meeting;
  4. To see more participants – try Gallery view;
  5. There will be no group chat option.  You can only chat with hosts;
  6. Meeting may go longer than the usual in person meeting;
  7. Same-household participants – please use different accounts/different devices/be in different rooms to allow for voting and minimize feedback;

Motions, details and agendas for the annual general meetings are available in Crescendo.