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Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF)

Music Performance Trust Fund

The Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF) provides grants to individuals, organizations and companies, to subsidize the hiring of professional Toronto Musicians Association (TMA) members, for performances at free community and educational events.   Such events could include:

  • Community Festivals, Street Festivals, and Free Music & Arts Festivals
  • Community Outreach in Seniors Homes, Hospitals and Civic Centres
  • Educational Events at Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Canada Day, National Aboriginal Day and Multicultural Day Events

In order to access the fund the organization hiring the musicians, or the band leader, must contact TMA at least six weeks prior to the performance.

The MPTF grant is based on a percentage of fees paid to musicians at TMA’s General Scale (see TMA Tariff of Fees) for a 3-hour call plus pension and HST. The amount of the grant depends on the type of performance, the grant will be equal to:

  • 30% of total musician fees for general concerts
  • 40% of total musician fees for hospital, veterans & nursing home performances
  • 50% of total musician fees for school performances


1.    Band leader determines budget and books date of performance;

2.    Event presenter (or leader) contacts TMA with performance details;

3.    TMA applies for MPTF grant on behalf of the event presenter, and notifies the event presenter, normally at least two weeks prior to the event;

4.    Band leader files contract with TMA;

5.    Performance occurs. Event presenter pays band leader full performance fee;

6.    Leader pays musicians, work dues, pension and administration fee; and

7.    MPTF sends cheque for total grant amount to event presenter.

Performances must give credit to the Music Performance Trust Fund on their print, social and online media and a message must be read from the stage.

100% of applications from TMA have been approved in the past number of years and the MPTF budget is projected to grow.
More information is available at http://www.musicpf.org/


To assist musicians and organizations with securing the grant, please contact: applications:

Jay Boehmer, MPTF Administrator

Toronto Musicians’ Association

Local 149 of the CFM and AFM

(416) 421-1020 x230


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