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Trish Hylton
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The artist known as Specyal T is an exceptionally talented, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, producer, vocalist, actor, writer & poet; who’s on a mission to expand the urban market with her unique brand of sound. A pianist from as early as two years of age, with training that began 25 + years ago from six to nineteen through the Royal Conservatory Of Music, this Toronto native has developed a number of impressive skills. Having music in her DNA is an understatement when it comes to this recording artist. She’s no stranger to the music stage, 500+ shows, with experience performing a variety of genres, in venues ranging from school gyms to large arenas. “A versatile artist who always finds ways to step outside of her comfort zone and provide her fans with a fresh vibe or perspective to take in. It’s her mystique and songwriting that have ultimately allowed her to garner such mass attention early on.” Her songs have been featured on popular TV channels, and has steadily rotated / charted on commercial, college, and internet radio. Her music has also been featured on various notable playlists, as well as DJ Pools across North America and Europe.