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shirak aghavart
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Professional Name: Shirak Tatosian
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Started music in his early ages fell in love with the bass guitar since he was 6 years old and Started from then, he continued his love for the beautiful instrument and started to compose his First bass solo when he was 15 years was a mix of oriental and jazz music started to being recognized By other popular and famous bands and musicians. He then learned the guitar after he heard one of the best guitar players on this planet ( AL DI MEOLA ). Started to practice MEOLA’S techniques and since then he became shirak’s biggest influence.
Singing was always something he wanted to do but he made sure he had the solid basses for that. He started to take singing lessons and at the same time teaching music.
In the early 90’s shirak joined YEREVAN BAND it was an international band. They played Armenian, Arabic, English and Spanish music and they started to be popular so fast in their home country IRAQ.He then joined this first HEAVY METAL band in IRQ back in 1993 the name of the band was SCARE CREW. They wrote their own songs and composed their own music it was a big success.
In 1996 moved to JORDAN and started making music for himself and others singing in pubs, restaurants, cafes and concerts.He performed in many country’s started from IRAQ, JORDAN, SYRIA, LEBANON, EGYPT, ENGLAND, UNITED STATES and CANADA.
He released his GOLDEN ARMENIAN ROMANCE CD in 2007 also released Arabic songs and he released 2 music video’s first was in December 31 2012 and in February 12 2013 it was a great success people loved those songs .
In 2015 opened a music production studio ( BEAM NOTE STUDIO ) in woodbridge Ontario and started producing for many more local and overseas and released many successful tracks till now.